If you have ever attempted to work with wood, you already know that it can sometimes be tricky. Wood can splinter, break and crack, wasting time and money and potentially causing injuries to construction workers or those who plan on living in the home you build. However, following these five easy wooden construction hacks will make your projects simpler and more accessible.

HACK #1: 

Cut 45-Degree Angles In 45 Seconds With A Framing Square

Using a 45-degree angle is probably one of the most common angles in all construction. Instead of wasting time trying to measure and mark out these angles, use a framing square. Place one edge against your material, adjust to ensure its level, and tighten down. It’s done! The result will be an accurate 45-degree angle every time. Use your new skill to build frames, storage units, and more!

HACK #2: 

A Simple Solution For Rounding Corners

Rounding out wood corners can be a real pain in carpentry, but you can make it easy and fast by using a simple sawing method. Clamp a flat strip of wood to your project’s corner, and use a handsaw or scroll saw to cut along both sides. Next, clamp down another strip and repeat until you’ve completed all four corners. Then remove that first strip, flip it over and glue it onto one of the ends—it’ll now serve as your rounded base.

HACK #3: 

A Quick And Easy Fix For Stair Treads

Installing stair treads can be a hassle, significantly, if the treads are not cut to fit. If this is your situation, use an X-acto knife to remove the excess material and then use masking tape to secure it. This is an excellent option if you want your project completed quickly or need to conserve materials for other projects.

HACK #4: 

The Easiest Way To Make A Door Threshold

Most people need a door threshold in their house. You can make a door threshold quickly. The simplest way to make a door threshold is by using two pieces of scrap wood. One piece should be cut into a shape that can fit snugly between the floor and the door frame, while the second piece should be cut into a size that can fit snugly on top of the first. Both pieces should be wide enough to cover both sides of the threshold. Use glue to secure them together, nail them in place with your nail gun, and that’s all!

HACK #5: 

The Quickest Way To Make A Floating Shelf

The easiest way to make a floating shelf is with a small piece of plywood, metal brackets, and a handful of screws. Use the brackets as anchors on the wall where you want the shelf, then attach them to the underside of the plywood. Once you’ve secured these in place, screw them together! You have made yourself an easy floating shelf.


Wood can use for a wide variety of purposes. It can be used for building structures, furniture, and even art. There are always new techniques to simplify your jobs, whether you’re a novice or an expert carpenter. To save time and energy, try these five wooden construction hacks!

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