Pastor Nobu Kurisu

Born in Hiroshima Prefecture. From the 4th grade of elementary school to his senior year in high school, basketball was his passion. After graduating from high school, he started to immerse himself in punk rock and reggae. Even though he never openly rejected the love of God and the cross of Jesus Christ, he hid these things in his heart, and let the pleasures of the world take control of his life. As he hurt others and even himself, continuing to make mistakes, he had no clear purpose in his life, and to seek for "something", in 1989 he went to Hawaii, then in 1990 made his way to New Jersey. In the spring of 1991, He met Mr. and Mrs. Saigo (the founders of PJC), and through this decisive encounter with this couple, he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior. Through the overwhelming love and power of God, his values were completely changed, and was called to become a minister of the gospel. From the beginning of PJC in 1991, he receives personal guidance and discipline from Rev. Saigo. He graduates from Philadelphia College of Bible in the spring of 1998, and at the same time also receives a "Preaching License" from the C&MA. He serves as the associate pastor at PJC and New York Japanese Church (NYJC) for two years. In the fall of 2000, he becomes the head pastor at PJC, where he currently resides. 


栗栖 あゆみ 夫人